I Like Hats
I Like Hats

In case you want to read why I blog, write and coach people then please carry on.

I have found during the course of my life that anything really is possible. Success can belong to anybody if they apply themselves in the right way. But what about happiness and fulfillment? Can that be achieved as well as success? Yes it can. Yet so many people seem harried, stressed and worst of all, depressed-despite the increase in wealth around the world and the apparent rise in personal success.

I wonder why? That is a debate that could carry on for a while and I am not going to enter into it here.

Depression especially is a modern day plague and the figures over on the World Health Organization (WHO) website read for some scary figures, citing it (Depression) as the number 1 health scourge of the next 20 years or so. 

I have appeared on live TV
I have appeared on live TV

My Purpose

To help 1,000,000 people achieve more success and happiness in life through my personal coaching, seminars, books, courses and writing

I use my experiences from life, NLP (I am a fully qualified practitioner), my observations of people having studied and watched everyone for over 47 years, and from the thousands of books I have read over the past 28 years, to do my little bit to serve others. 

Certified by the ABNLP
Certified by the ABNLP

I firmly believe in some of the old fashioned values that seem to be rusting away with 21st century thinking. Things that are no longer hip or ‘with it’ or are not what us marketing people would call: new.

I also believe in God so I will sometimes make a reference to Him in some blogs. Its okay you can replace Him with what you may or may not believe. That is your free choice.

And if you don’t like my opinions or articles then to quote Groucho Marx, “I’ve got others”  Or of course, simply choose not to follow my blog. mewith Hills great grandson

This life is not a dress rehearsal. It is the one and only life (On this planet) that you and I have. I firmly believe that not using the talents that we have been given and following our hearts by doing what we love to do, is the greatest tragedy we can ever make.

I have appeared on live TV, in various newspapers and was a guest speaker at the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Convention. NHIC

As you may know, the regret we will take with us is not what we tried to do, but what we didn’t try and achieve and wish we had.

To your success, happiness and fulfillment.

Robert D Hamilton

Please feel free to contact me if you so wish, I love hearing from people, thanks.

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