Personal Coaching- I Can Change Your Life in 90 Days

 My Coaching is fast, powerful and highly effective. I have changed the lives of thousands of people spanning 4 continents. And I can change yours.

Known as The Mind Coach (In some circles) I have earned my reputation for changing lives quickly.

I do this using my skills in NLP (I am a fully qualified NLP Practitioner) and Timeline Therapy (TM) and my extensive  study of the mind and people for over 30 years.

My personal coaching comprises of 8 hours and 20 minutes over a 90 day period. In that time, I will eliminate the mental barriers that are preventing you from earning more money, achieving more or simply from getting the results you desire and deserve. READ MORE

Marketing Coaching for Coaches

If you are a coach and are struggling to get clients, fill your seminars or sell your online courses then I can help you build your coaching empire-fast.

I have already helped other coaches (And speakers) go from nothing to multi-million dollar money making machines. I can do the same for you. DISCOVER MORE (Opens in new window)

Online Academy


If you want to join my online learning academy you can DISCOVER MORE 

This is where my courses on personal development and marketing and are. This E learning center is for those people who wish to pick and choose which courses they wish to buy to change their life or increase their business results.


I am bestselling print author and Ebook writer. I am currently writing my 2nd book (For print).

My books are here. And there is a free one up for grabs too.Coming Soon

For those who prefer a one off payment and get ALL my courses for free, my Membership program is coming by the end of April. Please do check back.

Why I do What I do

If you want to discover more about me you can do so here READ MORE

Mind Blog

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Is this a lazy blog? I don’t know I will let you decide. But having seen a few other bloggers do it I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot…however, these are mainly my own questions. How Tall are You? I am 5’4 and three quarters (5′ 5″ in shoes).…

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Today, I am replying to 3 common “reasons” that prevent people from getting started on their business or from following their dreams. This was in response to a survey I conducted on my Facebook Page The reasons are as follows: 1) Money 2) Knowledge 3) Motivation I answer all of these and give my take…

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I love stories of success. I read about them often, especially when they contain how people have overcome adversity. They inspire me. Recently on Facebook I came across someone on my friends list who gave a talk in Perth, Australia at an entrepreneurial event about her story. Now I wasn’t there to listen so I messaged…

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These Fine People Got Better Results

Robert, you got a breakthrough with me in MINUTES and psychologists had failed in almost 20 YEARS! Thanks so much for helping me.

I had 4 hours coaching from Robert and in that time I shot up the senior tennis pro rankings from # 324 to #25! I won 3 out of 5 of my next competitions. I couldn’t have done it without you Robert, Thanks so very, very much.


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